View the Webinar: Crate Digging: Finding Relevant Materials in a Universe of Accessible Cloud Backup.

Once upon a time, most company backups could have been described as being inaccessible. Today, between advancements in technology, greater cloud adoption and the cost-effectiveness of cloud storage, there’s almost no room to make that claim anymore.  

Our panelists discuss the challenges and benefits of accessing cloud backups. What data types find their way to cloud backup environments? Is it all just emails and chats? How are parties addressing access in meet-and-confer negotiations? Will proportionality play into the decision to pressure organizations to move to cloud storage? Finally, what can you do with the data once it’s in your possession?

Chris O'Connor, Director of eDiscovery Strategy, CDS

William Belt, Managing Director, CDS
Lindsey Lanier, Product Management Director, VerQu, A Relativity Company
Pete Lwin, Senior Project Engineer, CDS
John Rabiej, Partnering with GW Humphreys Complex Litigation Center
Adam Rogers, Senior Forensic Analyst, CDS