The Gold Standard for Non-Standard Data

eDiscovery’s leading solution for processing and reviewing data from chat platforms, ticketing systems, and mobile devices.


Short message data is the next frontier in eDiscovery. 
Gear up with CDS Convert.

As chat platforms, collaboration tools and ticketing systems have taken over corporate communications, email traffic has dropped by ~60%.


What does that mean for eDiscovery? Data from mobile devices and applications like Microsoft Teams, Slack, WhatsApp, Jira, Bloomberg, and Twitter will be involved in virtually every investigation or litigation. 

Luckily, CDS has the tech to meet the moment. CDS Convert delivers a comprehensive, proven solution for converting and reviewing chat and mobile data in industry leading eDiscovery platforms. 


CDS Convert can help law firms, corporations, and government agencies:

  • Make better decisions using pre-conversion reports that provide early insights 
  • Review seamlessly without custom workflows, secondary platforms, or confusing outputs 
  • Understand conversations in context - review images, emojis, gifs and attachments inline
  • Reveal key facts quickly by filtering and searching across multiple data types in a unified format 

CDS Convert shines as a unique end-to-end solution to the myriad challenges of reviewing short messages, driven by experts with unparalleled experience handling emerging data.



William Wallace Belt, Jr., Esq.

Managing Director, Consulting, CDS

Here’s the biggest challenge. Developers write software to do a job - like allowing ‘Teams’ or ‘Slack-ers’ to communicate. Allowing those communications to easily migrate to eDiscovery platforms is not the point. So, attorneys need technology to migrate data from the communication platform to the legal platform to access it. And that’s just for starters – they also need parsers, filters, indexers, search capabilities, and a whole host of other cool tools.

Data evolves. Applications emerge. Stay ahead of the curve with CDS Convert.

CDS Convert launched in fall 2019, built to support 13 mobile and chat applications. Since then, our proprietary application has rapidly evolved to keep pace with the explosive growth of short message data and chat applications.


With our latest release, CDS Convert 3.0 facilitates the conversion of 23 platforms including chat and collaboration tools Slack, Microsoft Teams, Bloomberg, WhatsApp and WeChat; ticketing systems Jira and ZenDesk; as well as Cellebrite and Oxygen mobile phone images. 


Also new in Convert 3.0: platform agnostic exports! Once available only to Relativity users, CDS Convert now provides platform agnostic output for full-featured review in your preferred eDiscovery platform. 


chat, collaboration, and ticketing platforms supported

300 million

short messages processed


conversions performed across
4.5 TB of data

Native integration with RelativityOne's cloud-based eDiscovery platform 

CDS Convert seamlessly integrates with RelativityOne and the Relativity Short Message Format (RSMF). Once data is processed and loaded into Relativity, reviewers can get to work searching and highlighting, parsing conversations, redacting and disclosing, all in one familiar platform without any additional training. 


Here are just some of the features available to users and eDiscovery project managers in Relativity Review:

  • Custom dashboards focused on the applications in your case
  • PII Identification and Automated Redaction
  • Timeline shows keyword hits within a thread
  • Communication Analysis reveals who is talking to whom 
  • Filter conversations by date range, and show/hide specific users, messages, disclaimers
  • Follow a conversation across multiple channels 

Get the complete picture with CDS Convert and Relativity Short Message Format (RSMF)




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