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Cybersecurity Now: Preparedness, Protection and Resolution

From multimillion-dollar ransomware attacks to massive consumer data breaches, cybersecurity has everyone’s attention. Every company needs to be on alert. How an organization invests in its cybersecurity strategy and infrastructure will have an outsize impact on their legal, financial and reputation risk.

In this discussion with data experts from CDS, Relativity and Splunk, learn how top infosec professionals are adapting to the changing environment, guarding against attacks and addressing breaches when they happen. And critically, how should counsel, IT, IS and others work together now to ensure the best possible outcomes?

Moderator: Chris O’Connor, Director, eDiscovery Strategy, CDS


Douglas Brush, Global Advisory CISO, Splunk
Daniel Diette, Esq., Director, Advanced Analytics and Data Privacy, CDS
Amanda Fennell, Chief Security Officer and Chief Information Officer, Relativity
Steve Wang, Esq., Director, Managed Review, CDS