eDiscovery by the Numbers:

32 Best Practices for Building a First-Class Project Management Team

Collecting, managing, preserving and protecting tremendous volumes and new types of data is becomingmore burdensome for organizations overall, but even more so for organizations who are or may become involved in litigation or investigations. The stakes are high and the eDiscovery implications are significant. Parties must turn to experts to handle all or part of the eDiscovery process to avoid costly mistakes.

To set the stage for a smooth, well-run eDiscovery project, it is important to get to know your service provider beyond what they do and drill down to how they do it.

Besides ticking off the list of basic standards and requirements, what qualities separate the good provider from the great partner? The secret to successful projects always lies with the people. The best teams communicate effectively and work efficiently to steer an eDiscovery project through inevitable obstacles, adjust to changes in scope, meet deadlines, and reach an optimal conclusion. 

To ensure the provider you are considering is the right fit, arm yourself with the key questions to ask and the critical answers to listen for. Download our ebook now and set your next project up for success! Topics include: 

  • 4 Must-Haves in Your eDiscovery Service Provider 

  • 10 Questions to Ask Your eDiscovery Provider About its Project Management Team 

  • 6 Tactics to Get the Most Out of Your Working Relationship with your eDiscovery Service Provider

  • 6 Things to Do Before Your Kick-off Call