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Force Majeure: What Do Your Contracts Say?

Force majeure clauses, often considered boilerplate contract language, are suddenly in the spotlight due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In the coming weeks and months, many contract obligations are likely to default, and all parties need to understand this legal concept and how it affects their duty to perform on a contract.

We hosted a 30-minute interactive presentation where we discussed the legal/practical aspects of force majeure clauses, and how to establish litigation readiness, followed by Q&A. We share how CDS’ Contract Review and Analysis solution can assist in determining the impact that force majeure clauses may have on the viability of your contracts and the impact that will have on your business’ current and ongoing assets and liabilities. 

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Steve Wang, Esq., Director, Managed Review, CDS
Chris O’Connor, Director, eDiscovery Strategy, CDS