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Global Data Privacy Update: GDPR Walks the Walk

When GDPR went live, it transformed global data privacy forever. Three-plus years later, we’re seeing GDPR’s far-reaching implications not just on data processing and cross-border data transfer, but on marketing practices and product development. Add to that a pandemic that has radically transformed the global workforce and economy.

What have we learned, and where are privacy standards heading? In this webinar, Chris O’Connor, Director of eDiscovery Strategy at CDS and global privacy expert Jonathan Armstrong discussed the latest developments in GDPR review, regulation and enforcement including:

-Latest global GDPR enforcement trends, both from regulators and in private actions
-The impact of increasingly aggressive GDPR enforcement
-Data transfer and customer privacy implications for businesses
-Compliance in real-life: Considerations and challenges
-New frontiers in data privacy, such as crypto currency and multinational Covid-19 passports


Chris O’Connor, Director of eDiscovery Strategy, CDS
Jonathan Armstrong, Partner, Cordery